Habari: Himba Stare

Habari: Himba Stare

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(Kamanjab, Namibia)

The Himba are often called Africa's most beautiful tribe.

They live in the harsh desert regions along the Namibia/Angola border.

A very proud people, the Himba continue to maintain their traditional ways and

are a favourite for photographers.

The tribe is often known for the red complexion, which is created by a paste

rubbed over the skin. Using red ochre and animal fat, the Himba apply the red

paint on their face and hair.

SMALL 28x35cm (11x14) $200

MEDIUM 50x76cm (20x30) $400

LARGE 81 x 121cm (32 x 48) $600

EXTRA LARGE 100 X 150CM (40X60) $800


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