Talk Like TEDx


Stephanie Hunt speaking at TEDx Abbotsleigh, Sydney


In August I had the honour of talking at TEDx at Abbotsleigh, Sydney and presenting our photos. My goodness – the heart was beating and the adrenalin was pumping - but I had a blast and I was so proud to share the lessons I have learnt from remote tribes around the world – especially the Suri, Maasai and the Padaung. Basically, what I have learnt is: 
1. There’s no such thing as normal. We, as humans, are all so wonderfully different, yet in so many ways, we are exactly the same.
2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not limited to stereotypes of perfect people we see in magazines and social media.
3. The importance of resilience and daring to dream. Life can be tough, but we are even tougher… and we should never forget who we are.
And above all, we should dare to open our minds and dare to think differently.

You can watch my TEDx talk here.