AT HOME: With Claire Lloyd, Lesvos


'Creating nurturing spaces and creative retreats for the soul.'

I first met Claire when she was doing press for her book, My Greek Island Home, way back in 2013. I saw the Mediterranean blues on her book cover and instantly fell in love. When I poured through the pages (which Claire photographed, wrote and designed), I felt like I’d been plucked from that humming newsroom and gently placed into sublime Greek Island life – full of sunlight, soul and simplicity. I knew I had to get Claire on the show I was working on, so, I did! We’ve become great friends and now, more than five years on, Claire remains someone I can turn to for inspiration, advice or just a good, old-fashioned, hilarious catch up (my favourite).

Along with being a photographer and author, Claire is also a creative director (she started as an art director at magazines including Australian Vogue) and has worked with Elle Decoration, Harvey Nichols, Jo Malone, Liberty, The Dorchester Hotel and Harrods. Claire has a passion for creating nurturing spaces for the soul. 

I’m still waiting to get over to Lesvos to photograph this beauty and share a bottle of local wine with her and partner, artist Matthew Usmar Lauder. But, in the meantime, you can enjoy these gorgeous shots of Claire at her Greek Island home, taken by another great woman, Carla Coulson.

Here are Claire’s answers to a few questions I asked her.


How would you describe yourself in a creative sense?

Instinctive and focused.

Have you always taken this road? Or have you pursued other jobs/interests previously?

I’m fortunate to say all the jobs I’ve been involved in have been in creative fields. In some I had more freedom than in others but I found that not so much of a restriction but more of an invitation to find a creative solution within it.

Do you have a creative process? Or do you just go with the flow?

Because I am instinctive I tend to work from my gut. I love going with the flow and watching 

solutions develop. When creativity doesn’t flow naturally because let’s face it just doesn’t always work like that, I try not to focus on it. I will take a break, swim or walk do something physical.

What and who inspires/feeds you? 

I am fed by nature by light and by sunshine. I am inspired by all things visual, music, travel and other people’s creativity.

How would you describe endless beauty?

As an ideal.

What makes you really, really angry?

People throwing their rubbish on the street and in the sea. Cruelness to animals and children.

Are you living the life you thought you would have, when you were a little girl?

I guess I am as I loved using my imagination and creativity and always like to make thing pretty.

What are you dreaming of for the future? 

Discovering a chocolate tree at the end of the garden! HA HA! Being happy and healthy and always ready for new adventures. Working with my artist partner Matthew Usmar on creating an artist’s cabin on the west coast of Tasmania.

What is the greatest life lesson you've ever received?

Don’t go where you’re not loved.

What is your favourite item you have picked up during your travels?

‘Sweetie’ my rescue cat. She jumped on me in a Taverna in Greece. She was only a few months old and had bad cat flu. She would never have survived the year had I not scooped her up. That was nearly 12 years ago. I live in Greece with her now.

Thank you, dear Claire Lloyd. @clairelloydloves @mygreekislandhome

Credit: Carla Coulson